1986 Steelers 12 at Bills 16

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1986 Steelers 12 at Bills 16

Marv Levy's debut as head coach of the Bills is a windy one. The Bills score early on a 3-yd toss from Jim Kelly to Andre Reed, but the extra-point attempt sails wide left thanks to a high snap (and the 35-mph winds at Rich Stadium). Pittsburgh is hurt by 2 missed PATs of their own thanks to a pair mishandled snaps by punter/holder Harry Newsome. Reserve RB Robb Riddick, playing in place of injured Greg Bell, gains 108 yds on 25 carries and scores on a 5-yd run to give the Bills a 13-0 halftime lead. The Steelers get back in the game after Buffalo fumbles the kickoff to start the 2nd half and Earnest Jackson runs it in from 5 yds out on the very next play. Neither team passes well in the windy conditions. Kelly hits 11 of 22 for 95 yds, and Malone goes 18 of 36 for 142 yds. Thanks to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 
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At halftime, scores and highlights from NFL '86, plus a panel discussion on steroid use in the NFL moderated by Bob Costas. Guests include Frank Deford of NBC and Sports Illustrated, NFL drug advisor Dr. Forrest Tennant, and NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw.

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