1987 Steelers 24 at Dolphins 35

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1987 Steelers 24 at Dolphins 35

Marino hits 25 of 31 passes for 332 yards and 4 TD passes, including two 3rd-quarter bombs to Mark Clayton (41 and 33 yds, both vs. Dwayne Woodruff) and another to Mark Duper (50 yds), to give the Dolphins a 35-24 comeback victory. Pittsburgh builds a 21-7 first half lead courtesy of a 10-yd TD pass from Malone to Charles Lockett, a 50-yard pick 6 by Donnie Shell and a 1-yd run by Frank Pollard. But the Steelers can only must a Gary Anderson FG in the 2nd half as Marion lights it up, and a late Malone INT leads to a short Miami TD run to ice the game. A special thanks to Maurence Shipley for making this game available! 

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