Super Bowl XIII Steelers 35 vs Cowboys 31
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(08-24-2017, 11:04 PM)Garrett Garlits Wrote: The halftime show was called "Carnival" and featured acts from every recognized Caribbean country. Again, I may be in the minority, but it felt fresher and more energetic than today's overly produced rock concerts, plus it was something unique that gave the show a Miami flavor, much like the Duke Ellington tribute did for New Orleans in Super Bowl IX.

Danderson, keeping Curt off the game would have breached his contract and caused NBC embarrassment that they didn't need. They worked things out the only way they could. The one who got the short end was Gumbel, who didn't even get to go to the winning dressing room after the game.

I don't think NBC needed any more embarrassment, so it was the correct decision.  

I've always thought that Gowdy made a bad move going to CBS, he could have stayed at NBC a few more years, maybe doing regional games, but with Criqui coming in, the best he could have gotten would have been  at 3 with Len Dawson.

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Enberg/Olsen (best tandem ever in my opinion) calling this game would've been better. I was never really a Curt Gowdy fan. He was okay, but Dick Enberg was just a lot more interesting and fun to listen to in those days. It was when "Oh, my!" was still fresh and new and his level of energy during the game was just so much higher than Gowdy's, but wasn't as "over the top" as Criqui's. 

Merlin Olsen... even better in the booth than on the field, and that says a lot.

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