2006 Steelers 0 at Ravens 27

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2006 Steelers 0 at Ravens 27

The Ravens sack Big Ben 9 times for 73 yds, including a vicious shot delivered by Bart Scott in the 2nd quarter. Scott comes untouched from the left side and nails Roethlisberger in the chest, driving him into the turf where he lays for several minutes before walking off the field on his own. Amazingly, Ben misses only one play, but he is harassed for the rest of the afternoon as the Steelers' slim playoff hopes go up in smoke. Pittsburgh musters only 21 yds rushing, turns the ball over 3 times and doesn't manage to cross midfield until the 3rd quarter. When the Steelers finally do make their way into Ravens' territory, Roethlisberger gets blindsided and the Ravens scoop up his fumble and return it 57 yds for a TD as the Steelers suffer their worst defeat in nearly a decade.

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