trade deadline is here
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10-27-2019, 11:36 AM

10/29.  If the team does not dump Moncrief by then they may give up a 3rd rounder.  He's done little to nothing so far.  It looks like the chance to win the division is slim to none.  What could possibly in tomlin's cranium that would keep him on the team?  Then again, I'm never sure whatever is in there makes sense.

This team looks to be middle of the pack at best.  Baltimore, assuming no major injuries, looks to be the best shot to carry the day. The first choice is gone but that looks like an OK positon unless they completely unravel and end up n the top 5.  If I owned this business I'd be looking to cut players on short contracts for draft choices and rebuild.  I know that's not the Steeler way but when the tide turns it's best to swim with it and not against it.

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