Cowher's Debut: 1992 Steelers 29 at Oilers 24

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05-26-2017, 12:33 AM

1992 Steelers 29 at Oilers 24

In honor of Bill Cowher's selection for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Centenial Class of 2020, we'd like to present to you Bill Cowher's first-ever game as head coach, an amazing preview of a brilliant coaching career to come!

Trailing 14-0 early in the game, Cowher shows he has massive Kahunas, calling a brilliant fake punt on 4th and 15 -- a pass from punter Mark Royals to RB Warren Williams -- that covers 44 yds, all the way to the Houston 1-yd line. Barry Foster takes it in a play later to get the Steelers back in the game at 14-7. On Houston's next drive, rookie Darren Perry's INT results in a Gary Anderson FG, narrowing it to 14-10. As usual, Rod Woodson is phenomenal, snagging 2 of Warren Moon's 5 interceptions including a HUUUGE drive-ending pick in the end zone. With the Oilers leading 24-22 and poised to land the knockout blow at the Steeler 3-yd line, Moon drops back, finds no one open, scrambles right, and with Jerrol Williams draped around his waist, throws a jump ball into the end zone back to his left. Rod Woodson leaps up and fields the desperation pass like a rebound 1-yd deep in the end zone, ducks a tackle and then streaks 57 yds through traffic to the Oiler 43-yd line. Facing a suddenly dispirited Houston defense, Neal O'Donnell cooly drives the Steelers 43 yds in 5 plays, capping the drive with a game-winning 9-yd TD pass to Adrian Cooper. O'Donnell, chosen by Cowher to succeed Bubby Brister, is particularly clutch all afternoon (14 of 23, 223 yds, 2 TD, and perhaps most importantly, 0 Int) and Barry Foster is nearly unstoppable (26 carries, 107 yds, 1 TD). And although Warren Moon puts up mostly respectable numbers (29 of 45 for 330 yds, 2 TD), his 5 INTs are devastating. A fantastic debut to Cowher's head coaching career and a portend of great things to come. 
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Adrian Cooper, what a waste of talent. I think he's still in jail too.

10-18-2019, 01:58 AM

That fake punt may have been a key play in Cowher's career. The Steelers were supposed to get blown out in this game (and have an ordinary season), and that gave them the momentum to start 3-0 and eventually end up 11-5 (that, and Barry Foster's emergence).

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