NFL 100: Greatest Teams

11-17-2019, 01:37 PM

The NFL has it's 100 greatest teams list for the 100th anniverary:

They have the 72 Fins and 85 Bears 1 and 2. No way. The 76 Steelers, 78 Steelers, and 75 Steelers are 1-3. 

Also, they have the 04 Pats rated 16th, 2016 Pats rated 21st, 03 Pats rated 32nd, and 01 Pats rated 51st. Total joke (but not surprising because the NFL kisses their rear). I would have the 04 Pats in the 80-90 range, and the other three teams don't belong on the list. 

Also, I think the 97 and 98 Bronco teams should be top-10, and the 91 Skins, 86 Giants, and 76 Raiders teams are rated too high (in my opinion, 91 Skins are one of the most overrated teams ever from what I see online).

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