Paxton Lynch
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12-17-2019, 07:52 AM

If we don't win the Jets game I feel the playoff shot is all but gone.  It appears we may not have a reasonable answer to address the future QB position once Ben retires.  Of if he cannot come back due to the extent of his injury.  

Lynch was a high pick.  He did not do well so far in his NFL career but he looks to have the physical tools to succeed.  I'm not sure we have the right staff to coach up his weaker points but I'd like to see what he's got against Baltimore should we lose the Jets game.  

The two options to replace Ben thus far have plenty of warts.  Lynch should know the playbook by now.  Unless MR and Duck have fragile egos that could not handle the change, I don't see much of a downside to try Lynch.  Any or all of them will be leading an offense with plenty of holes due to injury.  We have had trial by fire since Ben went down.  Why not continue the experiment?
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12-17-2019, 08:31 AM

I believe what we are seeing with the Duck also happened to Mason. The first few starts the opposing defensive co-ordinators had little to no NFL tape to study. As they both progressed into a few starts under their belts the co-ordinators can scheme for them. You saw last night the Bills took the short passes away from Duck and he couldn't beat them with the long ball. His arm isn't strong or accurate enough. Oddly Connor seemed to be running well but had only 8 carries.

The wildcat is a complete joke and cost us at least 3 points (maybe 7) plus a ton of momentum right before half. Couple that with receiving the 2nd half kick-off we lost the opportunity to "double-dip". We had 4 turnovers and lost by 7? Unacceptable.

I agree in part with Paxton, not sure if I'd play him this year but definitely invite him to camp next year. He has the size, pedigree, is mobile, and some players thrive after a change of venue. I still think he has a higher ceiling than Mason or Duck.

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12-17-2019, 09:55 AM

I'm not ready to scrap Duck just yet. One bad game against one of the top defenses in the league. Is he Ben? Of course not. Is he the future? Probably not.

But even if we lose next week, the Titans have one more game on the road against the Texans. So for us, it would be a playoff game.

Paxton Lynch is straight garbage. Lots of quarterbacks look pretty until you put them out on the field. Anybody remember Rob Johnson? Played one great game in week 17 in 1999. The Bills then benched Doug Flutie for the playoffs, and the rest is history. They never reached the playoffs again until last year.

Which just goes to show, even if Paxton did play and played well, it would prove essentially nothing. Particularly if the Ravens are playing their scrubs. Not saying Duck is Flutie, but he's still our best shot for a playoff berth.
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12-18-2019, 12:04 AM

I have to agree Lynch is pure garbage as an NFL QB. He will not be on the team next year. We don't have a starting NFL QB on the roster save for Ben. I have no clue how we find one in time to make a difference. I fear we are in for a few years of futility as a an NFL franchise. Had to happen at some point. Devlin is a poor QB. Rudolph is almost as bad. Ben I fear could be done. But i will always root for my steelers.

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