Could this work?
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01-03-2020, 04:02 AM

Saw this on another board:

I just played around with Over-The-Cap

There is a scenario where we cut Foster, Chickillo, Barron, McDonald, Switzer, and Holton.

We have enough cap space to give Dupree 56M over 4 yrs with 32 guaranteed, Hargrave 40M over 4 (20 guaranteed), Feiler, Banner, Hilton, Finney, and Vannett all kept, and we still have about 10M to play with.


If so, this would be my draft (assuming Tomlin is correct when he says he is happy with our current RBs): 

1st: Minkah Fitzpatrick - S
2nd - Best C or guard available. If center move Pounsey to guard. (consider best TE or if a RB falls that you can't pass on). 
3rd - Best guard
early 4th - best WR available
mid 4th - Best OLB
5th - Best S
6th - Best OL
7th - Punter

    Next - Minkah, #39!
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