The 1976 Steeler Defense - Greatest of All Time

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The 1976 Steeler Defense - Greatest of All Time

At the start of the 1976 season, four losses in their first five games left the Steelers almost lifeless. When rookie QB Mike Kruczek took over for an injured Terry Bradshaw against he division-leading Cincinnati Bengals, the turning point was at hand.

The Steel Curtain answered the call and what followed was the most amazing defensive streak in modern hstory, the dimensions of which offer statistical delights to even the most casual football historians. After their 1-4 start, the Steelers win 10 straight games. The defense does not allow a touchdown in 22 consecutive quarters nor in 8 of the last 9 regular season games and totally blanks 5 of its last 8 opponents.

Five shutouts and only 28 points allowed over 9 games, folks!

There has never been anything like it in NFL history. Without question, the 1976 Pittsburgh Steeler defense was the greatest of all time.
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Turkey Joe Jones game at the begining brought back a memory. At that thine in my life I was working at the the National; Record Mart@ 5th and Liberty Avenue downtown Pittsburgh. We were often visited by celebrities, such as touring musicians (Jeff Lynne’, Hamlisch Stuart, Joanie Mitchel), Super  stars, like Mia Farrow and her husband symphony director And Drey Previn, and various athletes (no joke, Joe Green in the day was mamoth).

Well the Monday after the game these two lady come in, looking rather mother daughter, and I went up to help them. The store manager came running over and said he’s take care of so I went to the back of the store. Hearing  bits,and pieces of the conversation between the three of them, I heard Glen ask them if “Terry” was hurt. mom chopped his head off saying “ Of course he’s hurt”. Reading between the lines “You incredible idiot, of course he’s hurt” and they left the store.

My manager came over and asked me if I knew them, and I said no, I didn’t know them from Adam. He said, "That was Jo Jo Starbuck and Mother." To which I replied, "Who the heck is JoJo Starbuck?" Glen shot back, "MRS TERRY BRADSHAW!!!”

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