1988 Steelers 29 at Redskins 30

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1988 Steelers 29 at Redskins 30

The Steelers play the defending world champs down to the last second, but little mistakes (including a bad snap on an extra point) are their undoing. The Steelers outplay Washington for much of the game and open up a 9-point lead, courtesy of a beautiful Brister 80-yd TD bomb to a wiiiide open Louis Lipps, a head-over-heels Brister scramble for another TD, and a 72-yd catch-and-run to speedster Dwight Stone. Leading 19-10 and apparently heading for another score midway through the 3rd quarter, an Earnest Jackson fumble at the Redskin 20 turns the game. The Redskins recover and and Pittburgh ultimately blows their 9-point lead, allowing the Washington to win it on a chip-shot Lohmiller FG with 12 seconds left. 
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At halftime, scores and highlights from NFL Live, plus an interview with an agent whose client was suspended for drug use. Also, a commentary from Frank Deford concerning drug testing and the balance between the rights of players and the good of the league.

After the game, an edition of "Redskins Report" hosted by George Michael of Sports Machine fame. The Redskins interviewed are linebacker Mel Kauffman, kicker Chip Lohmiller, and quarterback Doug Williams. There's also a short interview with Redskins coach Joe Gibbs.
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