2008 vs Dallas: The Jessica Simpson Jinx :)

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2008 vs Dallas: The Jessica Simpson Jinx

In every championship season, there are moments that make you realize destiny is on your side. This clip from 2008 was one of those moments.

This game was UGLY and had all the makings of a Steeler loss. Early in the 4th quarter with the Steelers already trailing 13-3, Dallas stuffed Gary Russell for a loss on 4th and goal from the 1-yard line and the jubilant Cowboys celebrated wildly, seeming to forget that nearly a full quarter of football remained.

Dallas was soon forced to punt and that's when Pittsburgh began a Texas-sized comeback, jamming 17 points into the final 8 minutes including 2 TDs in a span of 24 seconds, tying the game at 13 with 2:04 left.

Despite of throwing INTs to Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor and losing a fumble on a sack by James Harrison, Tony Romo has the ball, 3 timeouts and 2 minutes to go win the game for Dallas. But Jessica Simpson is in the house... and Romo is Romo. On 2nd down, Romo sails a pass high over the head of Jason Witten and into the waiting arms of Deshea Townsend, who sprints down the left sideline and dives into the end zone for a stunning 25-yd TD to steal a 20-13 Steeler comeback victory. That electrifying play is the focus of this clip. Enjoy!

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