1989 Steelers 0 vs Browns 51

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1989 Steelers 0 vs Browns 51

A train wreck. An absolute nightmare. Without question, the worst game in Steelers history. Pittsburgh commits 8 turnovers in Bud Carson's head coaching debut -- 5 fumbles (including 3 by rookie 1st-round pick Tim Worley) and 3 Bubby Brister INTs. Six of these turnovers directly result in Cleveland scores, including 2 fumble returns for TDs and a pick 6. The Steelers manage just 53 yds of total offense: 36 yds rushing and 17 yds (!!!???) net passing. Brister completes just 10 of 22 passes for 84 yds, while losing 67 of those yds on 6 sacks. Adding to the ugliness, the teams are involved in a pair of fights late in the game, leading to 5 ejections, including Rod Woodson, Webster Slaughter and Michael Dean Perry (who kicks a Pittsburgh player after swinging him around by the face mask). If there's a silver lining to this absolute catastrophe, it's that the Steelers ultimately turn things around, beating the Browns 17-7 in the week 6 rematch and ultimately making an unlikely playoff run that sees them beat Glanville's Oilers and fall a last-minute Elway comeback short of reaching the AFC Championship game.
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I always wondered what would have happened if the Steelers traveled to Cleveland for that AFC Title Game. My thought was always that Denver cost the Browns a chance to make it to their only Super Bowl. My reasoning in this is that Cleveland may have very well beaten the Steelers in the rubber match of the season. Yes, I know that both teams won the away game in the series, but I don't know if the Steelers could have pulled off another win "in" Cleveland in the same year.

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