1990 Steelers 36 vs Chargers 14

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1990 Steelers 36 vs Chargers 14

Pittsburgh finally scores their first TD of the year on the first play of the 2nd quarter when Brister hits rookie TE Eric Green for an 8-yd score. The Steelers keep scoring from there, racking up more points vs. San Diego (36) than they had scored in their previous 4 games combined (32) while opening up a 2:1 advantage in time of possession. Brister, playing with a rib injury that ultimately sidelines him in the 2nd half, has a fantastic game, completing 11 of 14 for 132 yds, 2 TDs (both to Green) and 0 sacks. Meanwhile, the Steelers pick off Chargers QB Billy Joe Tolliver 3 times (2 by veteran Dwayne Woodruff) and limit San Diego to 188 total yds.

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