1988 Steelers 21 vs Eagles 16 Preseason

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01-30-2020, 10:13 PM

1988 Steelers 21 vs Eagles 16 Preseason

Game summary coming soon.
Garrett Garlits
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02-03-2020, 11:47 AM

This game has numerous issues:

1) The audio and video go to snow several times in the first quarter. ESPN acknowledged that they were having technical difficulties, but it also could be an issue with the tape.

2) The tape cuts out with about nine minutes left in the first half and the Eagles leading 3-0. It resumes with about nine minutes left in the game and the Eagles leading 16-7. The Steelers' comeback is intact, as Steve Bono throws long touchdown passes to Warren Williams and Charles Lockett to win the game.

3) When the tape resumes in the fourth quarter, the video seems to be washed out. You can still see the players and make out which team they're from, but it's far from full color. Again, I'm not entirely sure whether it's an ESPN technical issue or a bad tape.

This is good enough for a preseason game, and we still get the Steelers' comeback, but if someone has an upgrade and wants to share it, Tim, don't turn your nose up at it.

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