1990 Steelers 24 vs Patriots 3

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1990 Steelers 24 vs Patriots 3

Chuck Noll earns his 200th victory as the Steelers move into a 3-way tie for the AFC Central at 7-6. The Steelers grind the hapless Patriots into a fine powder with their running game, piling up 251 yds on 45 carries and outgaining New England by a margin of 417-182 in total yards. Merrill Hoge leads the way, rushing 19 times for 117 yds and 2 TDs. The defense plays well all day, with Greg Lloyd coming up with a great 4th-and-inches stop early in the game, bursting into the backfield and crushing the RB for a 3-yd loss. Rod Woodson and Jerrol Williams add INTs of rookie QB Tom Hodson and, despite Tim Worley's ongoing fumble issues, the rout is on. 

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