1990 Steelers 14 at Oilers 34 SNF

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1990 Steelers 14 at Oilers 34 SNF

This game truly sucks. It SUCKS. It's been 30 years, and I'm still pissed at how poorly the Steelers play in this one. LAME. The ball is all tee'd up for them. A victory would win the division for Pittsburgh and send them to the playoffs. Pro Bowler Warren Moon is out, so in comes backup Commander Cody Carlson -- a QB who hasn't started a game in 2 years -- to SHRED what is supposedly the #1 defense in the NFL. Commander Cody looks more like Dan Marino, hitting 22 of 29 for 247 yds and 3 TDs as the Oilers amass 427 yds of offense. The game is over by halftime, with the Steelers trailing 24-0 after the Oilers score TDs on 3 of their first 4 possessions. Even Hall of Famer Rod Woodson has an awful day, giving up a 53-yd bomb in the 3rd quarter to truly end it at 31-7.
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At halftime, Joe Theismann analyzes the first half, while Gary Danielson reports from the sidelines. Chris Berman has his "Fastest Three Minutes in Television" highlight package, and he and Tom Jackson break down the two Wild Card matchups' that were known at the time (Chiefs-Dolphins in the AFC, Redskins-Eagles in the NFC).

In addition, throughout the evening ESPN checks in with members of the Seahawks and Bengals to get their thoughts on what's going on. The Bengals were rooting for the Oilers to win so they could claim the AFC Central title (which, of course, is what happened), while the Seahawks were rooting for the Steelers to win so they would make the playoffs as the six seed and face the Steelers in one of the Wild Card games the following week.
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