1990 Steelers 9 at Saints 6

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1990 Steelers 9 at Saints 6

In the "Anderson vs Anderson" battle between the NFL's two best kickers, Gary beats Morten -- 3 FGs to 2 -- tying the game with a 42-yd FG in the 4th quarter, then winning it on on 43-yd kick with 1:44 left. Offense is scarce in this game (232 total yds for the Steelers, 195 for the Saints) and both defenses play well. Pittsburgh comes up with a HUGE stop at the 1-yd line when David Little forces a fumble on 2nd and goal, recovered by DJ Johnson. Steve Walsh has a miserable day, completing only 8 of 26 passes for 95 yds. Bubby Brister fares a little better, hitting 15 of 25 for 154 yds. But Bubby also throws and INT, and -- just 1 play prior to Gary Anderson's game-winning kick -- Brister dodges a bullet when a sure INT bounces off the chest of a Saints DB. The ugly win keeps Pittsburgh tied with Houston for first place and alive for a playoff spot. 

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