1998 Steelers 3 at Jaguars 21 MNF

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1998 Steelers 3 at Jaguars 21 MNF

An embarrassing end to a dismal season as the Steelers lose their 5th straight game, fittingly, in the midst of thick fog cover. Adding insult to injury, the loss comes in front of a national audience (MNF) at the hands of a rookie QB subbing for Mark Brunell. Despite a strong "on paper" performance by Jerome Bettis (15 carries for 104 yds in first half alone, finishing with 25 carries for 139 yds), three Kordell Stewart turnovers (2 INTs and a fumble) and a slew of dropped passes (including a Mark Bruener drop of a sure TD and drops by Charles Johnson, Hines Ward and David Dunn on a single drive) sink the Steelers.

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