2006 Steelers 28 vs Dolphins 17 TNF

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2006 Steelers 28 vs Dolphins 17 TNF

Joey Porter kisses Bill Cowher (you heard me!) in the season opener. Charlie Batch gets the start after Big Ben, who recovered remarkably quickly from his summer motorcycle crash, is sidelined by an emergency appendectomy. Trailing 14-17 midway through the 4th, the Steelers put the game away on two gigantic plays. The first comes on a perfectly executed corner route to a WIDE open Heath Miller, who rumbles 87 yds for the go-ahead TD, falling into the end zone after being tripped up inside the 5. Replay shows that Miller was actually out of bounds just shy of the goal line, but Nick Saban's challenge flag fails to catch the attention of the officials before the Steelers kick the PAT, so the TD stands. Miami still has time, but Daunte Culpepper throws INTs on consecutive drives, the first to Troy Polamalu, and the second to Joey Porter, who scores on a 42-yd pick 6. Porter is so excited that he runs to the sideline and kisses Bill Cowher on the cheek, reminiscent of the kiss Cowher planted on Kordell Stewart during a 1997 win over Baltimore. Footage includes pregame, commercials, halftime show and 40 minutes of postgame.

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