1979 NFC Playoffs Rams 21 at Cowboys 19

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1979 NFC Playoffs Rams 21 at Cowboys 19

Vince Ferragamo, in only his 6th NFL start, throws a trio of long TD passes to shock the heavily favored Cowboys. Neither team is terribly impressive offensively, but the Rams make 3 big plays, and that's the difference. Ferragamo's first TD pass goes to Wendell Tyler, who gets behind the defense on a wheel route for a 32-yd 2nd quarter score. Ferragamo strikes again just before the half, this time hitting Rod Smith on a 43-yd bomb in double coverage with just 3 seconds left. Randy Hughes and Aaron Kyle are all over Smith in the end zone, but Smith gets underneath the coverage and outleaps the Cowboys to give the Rams a 14-5 lead. Dallas scores twice in the second half to take a 19-14 lead, but Ferragamo strikes again with 2:06 left. From midfield, Billy Waddy lines up right, then cuts across the middle about 20 yds deep. Ferragamo fires the ball hard down the middle, just over the outstretched hands of Mike Hegman, who actually tips the ball. The tipped pass goes right to Waddy, who gathers it in waist-high and races the remaining 27 yds into the end zone for a 50-yd game-winning score.
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Before the game, a few segments from The NFL Today, including predictions, analysis by Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, an essay from Jack Whitaker, and a feature on former Steeler and then-current Cowboy Preston Pearson from Irv Cross, featuring comments from Cowboys coach Tom Landry and Preston himself.

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