1976 AFC Championship Steelers 7 at Raiders 24

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1976 AFC Championship Steelers 7 at Raiders 24

What a frustrating game. Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, Frenchy Fuqua and Roy Gerela all sit this one out with injuries, preventing a Super Bowl 3-peat for Pittsburgh. Bradshaw, who had possibly his finest game as a pro the previous week vs. Baltimore, pulls a Jekyll & Hyde and misses his first 8 passes (including several drops and an interception that's returned to the 1 yard line and leads to an Oakland TD). With Terry clearly off his game (and the officials allowing Oakland DBs to interfere at will), no kicking game, and absolutely NO rushing attack (the Steelers literally have only ONE healthy, active RB left on their roster... Reggie Harrison), the healthy Raiders steal an easy victory from the injury-ravaged Steelers. The Steel Curtain plays great football at times, but spends WAAAY too much time on the field, ultimately giving up uncharacteristically large chunks of yardage on the ground. In typical classless Raider fan fashion, the idiot fans rush onto the field before the final play (a pass to Swann) is complete. 
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As a young Steeler fan this was by far the most heartbreaking losses ever. I was sick for weeks.

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