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04-28-2020, 12:25 AM

This is just a question. I noticed reading all the reports on out draft it seems the media is reasonable happy with the Dotson pick being a brawler road grader type with long 33” arms.

Not so much positive news with DL Davis. Especially his short arms... that also happen to be 33”.

Is this arm length thing just a issue for defensive linemen, or it just doesn’t matter was much for offensive linemen? Is this how they figure out which side of the ball linemen play in college are determined?

I can just hear the coaches. “ Yeah, you were a great DE at Lovely High, but I’m sorry, all of my defensive linemen have to have arms longer than 33” and yours is too short. We’re moving you to the OL.”

Does this make sense? Seems to me that longer arm length would be a plus of both sides of the ball, but maybe it’s just you can get by with shorter arms on the OL, especially and interior position where Dotson is projected to play.
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04-28-2020, 03:23 AM

I don't know, I remember us drafting a C/G a few years back and I think they said his height or wing span was 1/2" short. He never made the Steelers roster but I think he fashioned a pretty solid NFL career and may still be with the 49ers. I think they can go overboard with some of these measurables.

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