1994 Steelers 23 vs Bills 10 MNF

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1994 Steelers 23 vs Bills 10 MNF

Yet another drubbing of the Bills at the hands of the Steelers on Monday Night Football. Blitzburgh's defense is on fire and Rod Woodson is particularly frightening, returning an interception 37 yards for a TD and nailing Jim Kelly on a BRUTAL blindside sack near the goaline (1 of 7 sacks on the night for Pittsburgh), forcing a fumble which is recovered in the end zone by Gerald Williams for another TD. Props to Jim Kelly for his toughness; the Hall of Famer was battered ruthlessly. For every one of his 7 sacks, he took another shot or two that didn't result in a sack. Woodson's outstanding play in this game won him '94 NFL Film's "Best Performance by a Defensive Back" award. 

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