Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York "Football" Giants
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09-09-2020, 06:19 AM

Getting a quick jump on next Monday night's game. 

Let post our predictions, with no preseason it's a crap shoot (they can change):

Steelers 24

NY "Football" Giants 13

What Steeler scores first points of the year:

TD pass from Ben to Eric Ebron

Do the Steeler kneel?

I say no, they stand with arms linked together "Band of Brothers". 

Here we go Steelers

Here we go!


Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll

Rockon Rockon Rockon

    Next - Minkah, #39!
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09-09-2020, 06:47 AM

They’d better be geared up to stop Barkley, but I think we will pull it out by one point less than the spread. 16-12

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