Steelers vs. Giants - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
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09-16-2020, 12:06 AM

The Good:

Defense - Picking up right were it left off last season. Two ints (Watt and Heyward), shut down Barkly to 6 yards. Secondary a little shaky but Steelers sold out to stop the run. P.I. call on Haden was ticky-tacky. D. Johnson muffed a punt early on giving the G-men the ball inside the 5-yard line. Defense held them to a FG. DuPree is a stud, super fast. Not sure if we can sign him or not but someone will be getting a great player. Watt had a tremendous int., V. Williams and Bush solid. 

Ben - After starting a little rusty (which is to be expected) Ben looked like old Ben tossing 3 TDs and no ints. He outrushed Barkely and tied Connor in rushing yards.

JJSS - Great game, he's having fun again. 2 TDS and an alert play on Snell's fumble.

Barry Snell - Over 100 yards in 3 quarters of action. He runs hard. We may have witnessed the changing of the guard at RB. It's inevitable that Snell will be #1.

Tomlin correctly used a T.O. before half. 

The Bad

Edmonds still sucks. Not other way to put it. He has no football instincts whatsoever. He will be the weak link all season.

Minkah had a quite game. Not sure why.

Special Teams - Bos missed an extra point and had a kick-off go out of bounds. D. Johnson muffed a punt and otherwise looked lost out there. How does D. Smith keep his job. Need a new punt returner for next week.

The Ugly

Offensive line already being juggled - looks like we lost Banner and Wiesniski for the year. Dotson looked OK at the end of the game. We'll need DeCastro back soon. 

Connor left game early in the 2nd quarter. Love his story and character but it seems like its only a matter of time until Snell is #1 RB. Connor may be relegated to a 3rd down back.

Chase Claypool and Eric Ebron (2 newest Steelers) made assholes of themselves during the National Anthem. While the team agreed to stand and hold a banner these 2 assclowns raised their fists to support BLM. 

The Steelers remained in their locker room and the Giants stood in an end zone some 25 minutes earlier when the Black anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” was played.


    Next - Minkah, #39!
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