2015 Steelers 33 at Bengals 20

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2015 Steelers 33 at Bengals 20

A scuffle breaks out before the game even starts when @$$hole extraordinaire Vontaze Burfict wanders onto Pittsburgh's side of the field during pregame warm-ups. Burfict's douchiness continues throughout the game with after-the-whistle hits, constant instigating and worst of all, a flagrant cheap shot clearly meant to injure Ben Roethlisberger. Burfict dives full steam into Roethlisberger's lower legs after Ben throws a pass, but amazingly, Ben picks himself up and goes on to the next play. Equally amazing, no flags are thrown despite the obvious penalty. Ironically, flags fly everywhere in response to William Gay's "excessive celebration" after his perfectly timed 23-yd pick-6 blows open the game early in the 3rd, extending Pittsburgh's lead to 23-7. Ben is sharp, especially in the first half (although the Steelers settle for too many Chris Boswell FGs) and the defense picks off 3 passes, the first of which (by Stephon Tuitt) results in a broken hand for Andy Dalton when he tries to make the tackle, ending his season.

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