1980 NFC Championship Eagles 20 vs Cowboys 7

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1980 NFC Championship Eagles 20 vs Cowboys 7

The thing that stands out to me about this game, even more than Wilbert Montgomery's early 42-yd TD run and later 55-yd run en route to 194 yds on 26 carries, is the unbridled enthusiasm of Philadelphia's long-suffering fans, especially the 71,000 souls who braved the -17 degree wind chill to cheer their team on to glory. Montgomery's effort might not have been enough, as Ron Jaworski struggles to complete just 9 of 29 passes for 91 yds with 2 INTs. But a devastating Tony Dorsett fumble late in the 3rd gives Philly a short field, setting up a TD for an insurmountable 17-7 lead and sending them to their first-ever Super Bowl.

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