missing game :D
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04-10-2021, 03:09 AM

you really need to find the pittsburgh at tampa game  from 2001  that was an amazing game i remember being at that game live swinging my terrible towel but have not seen it since would love to sit down and watch it as it wouldve been on tv.  memorable moment watching jerome the bus bettis throw for a touchdown and running over buccs all day long  awesome memory

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04-10-2021, 07:00 AM

Dude, I know! I can't believe how difficult it's been to get my hands on some of the more recent games. It's crazy, because you'd think anything from the last 20 years would be readily available and pretty easy to find.

There are lots of folks who are very generous and share their games with us, and it's hugely appreciated. But there are plenty more folks who aren't interested in sharing, and we don't really have any trade leverage because everything we have is right there for people to download. 

Hopefully, a site contributor will come across this one.  Thumbsup We're keeping an eye out.

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