Draft day is here! - Chuck's final mock!
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04-30-2021, 12:25 AM

Draft day is here!

There are literally quite a few ways the Steelers could go this year but they should get a very good player in round 1 and also possible starters in rounds 2 and 3.

1.) Teven Jenkins (OT ), Oklahoma State - His stock is rising, if he's not there we still go OT, maybe Mayfield.

Wildcard 1: Wyatt Davis (OG) - Thee Ohio State University. Tomlin loves NFL pedigrees.
Wildcard 2: Assunte Samuel, JR. - (CB) Cornerback now a priority, see pedigree, WC option 1.
Super-duper wildcard - Landon Dickerson © - I strongly think we go center in one of the first 3 rounds. Face it, if not for injury history he'd be a top 15 pick. The need is there, can the Steelers look past the injury history? Put him at center with Dotson and DeCastro on either side and now you have something. Triple "D".

Najee Harris is an "older" player and the Steelers were burnt bad by Jarvis Jones and this scenario. If Harris is there in the second round the Steelers may try and "move-up" to snag or even Entienne if he also slips thru round 2. If not they go RB at the regular round 2 selection. The self life of an NFL RB is too short to invest a Round 1 pick, IMHO. Build you O-line and the offense is better both running and passing.

2.) RaMonde Stevenson (RB), Oklahoma - I think we go RB n the second round. It wouldn't surprise me if Harris or Etienne slips thru round 1 the Steelers move up in round 2 and snag one of the (ala L. Bell).

JaVonte William (RB) NC also consideration here. I think this is about the right round for the Steelers to go RB.

3.) Josh Myers , ©, Ohio State - I doubt Humphrey or Dickerson is still on the board, so we grab Myers. We will go center in one of the first 3 rounds.

4a.) Elijah Molden, (CB), Washington - All of a sudden with Layne arrest CB becomes a priority. Not sure he lasts this long but look for CB under the spotlight.

4b.) Baron Brown, (ILB), Ohio State

6a.) Tedarrell Slaton, (NT), Florida State

7a.) Quincy Roche, (OLB), Miami

7b.) Tariq Thompson, (S), San Diego State

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04-30-2021, 01:02 AM

Nice work, Chucktown!!! I have no issues w/O-line in round 1, RB in round 2, C in round 3.
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05-01-2021, 09:19 AM

I like your mock. Inwoukd prefer your mock. Oh well, Santa brought us a RB 2 rounds too soon. JMO.

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