2014 Steelers 27 vs Bengals 17 SNF

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2014 Steelers 27 vs Bengals 17 SNF

The Steelers win the division but lose team MVP Le'Veon Bell early in the game on a questionable low shot to the knees by Reggie Nelson, ending Bell's season. Despite battling the flu, Roethlisberger hits 24 of 38 for 317 yds and 2 TDs, finishing the season with a league-high 4952 yds and connecting with Antonio Brown 7 times for 128 yds, including a late 63-yd TD to seal the game. Brown's TD comes after a fatal fumble by AJ Green at the Steeler 30 and is Brown's 129th catch of the season, 2nd highest in NFL history. Brown also scores the first TD of the day on an electrifying 71-yd punt return.

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