1989 AFC Playoffs Steelers 23 at Broncos 24

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06-27-2017, 11:09 PM

1989 AFC Playoffs Steelers 23 at Broncos 24

The Cinderella Steelers, fresh off their overtime upset of Houston in the Wildcard game, don't figure to offer much resistance to the Broncos, who had humiliated Pittsburgh by 27 points earlier in the season. But that's why they play the games. Merrill Hoge plays the game of his life, piling up 100 yards in the first half alone (the only player to rush for over 100 yards all season vs. Denver) as the Steelers' worst-ranked offense racks up over 400 yards and dominates time of possession by nearly ten minutes. The surprising Steelers still hold a 23-17 lead with under 3 minutes to play. But John Elway is John Elway, and he proves it with a signature 80-yard TD drive to give Denver a 24-23 lead with 2:20 remaining. Bubby gets one more shot, but moments after Mark Stock drops a perfect pass from Brister that would've been a 19-yard gain and a Steeler first down near the 40, Bubby fumbles the snap amidst confusion in the Pittsburgh backfield, Denver recovers and Cinderella's carriage turns back into a pumpkin. 
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Also a non call earlier when Lipps was hauled down from behind on a deep ball.

What made matters worse after the game was the Steelers charter was delayed leaving Denver and they were stuck on the runway for hours after they got to Stapleton to return to Pittsburgh.

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Worley's fumble changed the momentum of this game IMO.

This game was exciting event with the loss. Heck of a finish to a season that began on the worst note possible with blowouts their first two games.

Enberg during the beginning of the game mentioned Brister being the highest paid Steeler in history. I remember watching David Letterman during this season and he had Terry Bradshaw as a guest. Letterman asked Terry about Brister's new contract and he said that if you added up all four Superbowl wins with him being named MVP for two of them it still didn't equal what Brister was making.


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