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11-17-2021, 02:01 AM

(11-16-2021, 02:56 PM)Vitriol Wrote: Rudolph didn't seem good beyond the first drive (on paper).  I didn't get to see any of it until OT.  First drive seemed to be a good mix of run/pass.

From the OT turnovers, it seemed like a string of errors cost us the W.  (fumbles, bad snap, couple questionable name it).  It was the epitome of playing down to the competition.  Seems to be an ongoing theme.

We rarely won when Ben threw 50+ times.  I'm not sure why they had Rudolph throw it that much, especially against a poor rushing defense.  It was a low scoring game where we were never more than one score, there is no excuse for throwing it 50 times.  3 passes in a row within 5 yards of the goal line.  WTF?  That $H!T goes back to Fichtner/Ariens.  3 different OCs, the similar stupid goal line strategy falls on Tomlin for letting it happen.

This was listed as a Tie, but it was a big Loss, with key injuries to boot.

Nailed it. This was a loss, not a tie. Playing down to the competition. AGAIN. 

WTF, indeed.  Sick

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