2000 Steelers 0 vs Ravens 16

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2000 Steelers 0 vs Ravens 16

Journeyman Kent Graham gets the start at QB and is under pressure from the start. Although he is sacked only once, that sack comes early in the first quarter when Graham is annihilated by Rob Burnett, coughing the ball up at the Steeler 14 to set up a short FG. After Pittsburgh's ensuing drive ends in a quick 3-and-out (one of many on the day), Tony Banks immediately hits a wide open Qadry Ismail for a 53-yd TD bomb.

While Jerome Bettis can muster only 8 yds on 9 carries, Priest Holmes carries 27 times for 119 yds as the Ravens, who outgain the Steelers 217-39 in the first half, add a pair of FGs for a 16-0 advantage. The Steelers lone opportunity to get back in the game comes in the 4th quarter on an 8-minute, 16-play, 85-yard drive to set up a first and goal on the Ravens' 1-yd line. Strangely, Cowher sends Kordell Stewart into the game, and after 3 plays net -1 yd, Graham comes in and throws the ball 10 feet over Plaxico Burress' head on 4th down and the Steelers never threaten again.

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