2016 Steelers 24 at Browns 9

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2016 Steelers 24 at Browns 9

On a blustery, bitter cold day in Cleveland, the 0-10 Browns are exactly what the doctor ordered to end Pittsburgh's 4-game losing streak and move the Steelers into a first place tie with Baltimore. With Roethlisberger passing for just 167 yds into the swirling wind, LeVeon Bell and staunch Steeler defense carry the day. Defensively, Pittsburgh dominates every phase of the game, allowing just 33 yds rushing and sacking Browns QBs 8 times, knocking Cody Kessler out of the game (Timmons) as James Harrison becomes Pittsburgh's all-time sack leader. Meanwhile, LeVeon Bell rushes for 146 yds on 28 carries, including a 1-yd TD just before the half scored with no time on the clock thanks to Cleveland penalties.

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