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02-01-2022, 09:47 AM

I watched every game over the last two weeks - one thing kept leaping off the TV Scren to me and that was the level of coaching.

It is so refreshing to see solid players operating under obvious well-designed strategies and schemes.  I am not a  huge student of the game in such matters, but it was so obvious that the eight teams in the playoffs were there largely based on their coaching staffs.

Of course the coaches have to have supportive and competent owners and Front Office Staff as well and clearly these teams were built to win.

My point?  Well, not to be Captain Obvious but the Steelers are not anywhere near the level of these playoff teams.   I seriously am at the point where I don't believe Rooney really wants to do what it takes to contend for a Lombardi.  Tomlin as coach, not going to happen.  Which reminds me, several of Tomlin's better seasons were when he had, what was it 3-4 former Head Coaches on his staff?  I remember, Munchak. Hailey anf Labeau, were there others?

In any event, committed owners being involved in doing what is necessary to chase trophies are more likely to achieve greatness than one's comitted to the Status Quo and just eazing along season after season.

WTF has happened to my beloved team?

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