AV retires
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I believe the man was a warrior.  In the military and while lining up on the OL for Pittsburgh.  Sort of like the deal we had with Rocky.  I grew to admire AV more when he came out of the tunnel in with his helmet under his arm in Chicago for our National Anthem.  The rest of the squad, including the coaches, hid in the tunnel.  I stopped watching the games for several years after that insult.  Did not feel the character of the team and tomlin deserved my support.

He was not the best LT in the game but made the most out of his assets.  He's the kind of player this team needs.  One willing to sacrifice for the greater good.  

91 consecutive starts, 2 pro bowls and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon.  Reads a lot better than the crap we have seen from too many prima donnas who left or are still on the team.  A man with character and some talent is often a better option than most prima donnas.  If the Steelers had more sense they would look for this when they draft or go the free agent route.

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