Seahawks / Steeler's Preseason was one of the good ones.
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08-14-2022, 12:24 PM

I hate preseason football... Its usually a mess. But that was probably the most enjoyable one I've watched in years.

  Trubisky was good but didn't get much work in. Mason was good but he's not the starter. There's just something about him. 

   Pickett was good 13 of 15 95 yards 2 TD's no Int.

  Rudolph 9-15 93 yards 1 TD.  Not sure what to think. But Pickett is the future. That stadium was rocking tonight.


   NFL Pickett Highlights from the game >

   NFL Trubisky Highlights from the game >

   NFL Rudolf Highlights  from the game >  No link. No one posted highlights for poor Rudolph
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08-15-2022, 02:16 AM

This was a rare preseason game that I found both interesting and enjoyable, largely because of the obvious question marks at QB and a first look at key rookies like Pickens (his TD toe tap was sweet despite getting away with a little push), and to a lesser degree, Pickett. I realize preseason games are mostly meaningless in terms of regular season realities, but I still enjoyed it.

Jaylen Warren played his tail off. In fact, all of Najee's potential backups played well and with heart. Not sure any of that will translate to regular season success, but I appreciate the effort given last night.

Not sure why I found myself rooting against Mason Rudolph. It's a strange phenomenon considering he played fairly well (all 3 QBs did), but I know I'm not alone in my distaste for him. I view Rudolph as an average backup and nothing more, but there's something running a little deeper that makes me like him less than he probably deserves. I suspect it's a residual defense mechanism triggered by a handful of Ben detractors last year.  Laugh

One last thought: If our regular season run defense looks anything even remotely like it did last night, we're in for a dismal season. Lots of starters out, I know, but this was a weakness last year and it appears to be again this year.

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