Steelers vs Dolphins game day check in and thread
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10-25-2022, 11:52 PM

"Steelers' Kenny Pickett ranks worst among NFL QBs in multiple stat categories"

"Now that Kenny Pickett is three starts (and 12½ quarters) into his NFL career, he’s had enough pass attempts to qualify for the league’s leaderboard for its rate statistics (the NFL minimum is 14 pass attempts per team game).

After looking at some of the numbers as they stand now, Pickett might not want to be a qualifier.

Among the 34 NFL qualified quarterbacks, Pickett is last in passer rating (66.7), interception percentage (5.5% of his passes), yards per completion (8.9) and the metric adjusted yards per attempt (3.9). The latter, in effect, penalizes quarterbacks for interceptions moreso than pure yards per attempt, which treats an incompletion and interception equally.

Forget qualifiers — despite playing fewer than half of the season’s possible quarters, Pickett has thrown the third-most interceptions in the NFL of anyone (seven). Pickett’s TD percentage (1.6% of his passes) ranks second-to-last in the league.

Pickett’s QBR — considered about as an all-encompassing statistic there is — pegs him as the NFL’s 25th best among the 34 qualifying quarterbacks. Mitch Trubisky, incidentally, is 20th."
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10-27-2022, 11:53 AM

Give the kid:
  • A receiver who can get open
  • A decent play caller
  • A running game
...and he'll have a chance.

Give him the traditional Cleveland-Browns-Chance of success?   He'll not be good.

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