Nov 1st trade date
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10-28-2022, 09:26 AM

Is this the time to blow up this roster and really build for the future? Assuming the Eagles win the team is very unlikely to make a playoff run.  The only reasons I can envision  to ignore this opportunity are Tomlin's NHALS deal and it's just not the way the Steelers have done business.  Neither hold any water in my view.

After Sunday most teams will have an idea of their futures.  Those that feel they are in the hunt, assuming no major injury situations arise, and need a piece or two should be contacted.  There's not a player I'd eliminate from consideration.  For the right price that even includes Watt.

I hate to be a quitter but when one looks at the talent on this team and combine it with coaching/leadership it seems a playoff win, let alone a title, are unrealistic.  I can't see a good reason to continue the strategy in place today.  I understand it takes two to tango but if you never ask the pretty girl for a dance you end up alone and sitting on the sidelines.

My passion for this team has waned since Tomlin's hire.  Over the past 5 seasons they offer little more than a diversion and an opportunity to get together with friends for fun.  With the great weather now at the beach I plan to play golf for the next 3-4 Sundays.  Maybe with a couple of good drafts the team can again become competitive.  Another 1974 type miracle might be needed considering what I feel are coaching weaknesses.  

I don't have any suggestions re players to move.  I just would not sit on the sidelines and wait for the phone to ring.  I'd ask several pretty girls for a dance on Sunday evening.  Whatever it takes to get on their card would be aggressively considered.
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11-01-2022, 03:04 AM

I don't see any major deals or moves happening. This organization to me is either too arrogant or stubborn to even recognize the issues.

I did read where Tomlin is bringing in officials to help the players understand the rules. This is mindboggling on many different levels.

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