Steelers @ Colts Prediction (Monday Night)
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11-28-2022, 03:38 AM

Lets hear your predictions? Will Canada be Predicted every play? After a big pass play from the Steelers, 

 #1 Will he run the ball up the middle for a one yard loss like after every big play?
 #2 On 3rd and 3 will we choose a low percentage pass play 20 yards up field instead of going for  the 3 and the first down?
 #3 Will the defense be on the field too much after 3 and outs?

  Here's my Prediction, and I also want to hear yours.

  The defense knows our offense is low scoring so they will have to take one or two back to the house.  (14 points for the defense) 

  The offense scores 10 points in the first half, then 3 in the 4th quarter off of a fumble or turn over.  (13) points for the offense.

  Defense plays lights out as best as possible.  - Final score, colts 24, Steelers 27
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11-29-2022, 08:12 AM

I'm not sure the team can score more than 21 points. I expect the Colts to have some success running the ball. I'm not convinced either team can throw it well. The home crowd should move the needle toward Indy. I feel Indy will win 21-17.

I get to watch in peace since it's a Monday night game. I'm pretty tired of the commotion at the local.

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11-29-2022, 11:17 AM

I have no compelling reason to believe we'll win this game. If it happens, it happens based on the "on any given Sunday" axiom. But there's nothing special about this team that makes me believe they have an edge over anyone.
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11-30-2022, 12:50 AM

On the first post of the game day thread I had:

Not sure about this game, it could go either way. Hoping for KP8 to develop and maybe see more balance on the offense. 

I'll probably fall asleep before it's over.

Steelers 27

Colts   17

Here we go Steelers,

Here we go!

Not too far off, but I didn't fall asleep.

    Next - Minkah, #39!
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