2002 Steelers 28 vs Colts 10 MNF

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2002 Steelers 28 vs Colts 10 MNF

This what I call an ass-whipping. True, a Colt is not technically an "ass," but it is same genotype as the donkey and mule. Close enough for me. Maddox starts the game 12 of 15 for 151 yds and 1 TD and the game is, for all intents and purposes, over by halftime at 21-3. I attended this game specifically because Terry Bradshaw would be there for a halftime "homecoming" ceremony. This was Terry's first time on the field in Pittsburgh since his retirement in '83. Unfortunately and shockingly, Madden & Michaels make absolutely NO mention of Bradshaw's presence during the game and there is no coverage of the event, which was quite an amazing spectacle. A special thanks to Keith "Crash" Froehlich for digitizing this game! 
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I'm sure you already have this. But the History of the Steelers DVD collection has a full expose on Terry's homecoming during an interview with Steve Sabol. It was extremely heartwarming to see. It must have been awesome to actually be there for it. I'm definitely jealous!

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