2005 Steelers 7 at Colts 26 MNF

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2005 Steelers 7 at Colts 26 MNF

Don't do it, Ike. Don't do it. Ike, are you listening? Don't bite on play-action on Indy's first offensive play. Just stay with Marvin Harrison and don't worry about the run. Okay? Don't bite, Ike. Just don't... uh-oh... oh, $#!t... dammit, Ike! You bit!!! Big Ben is finally back from his knee injury after a 3-game hiatus but clearly isn't at 100% and collectively, the Steelers make too many mistakes to come away with a win against the undefeated Colts. Even so, the game provides many "teachable moments" that will serve the Steelers well when the two teams meet again in the playoffs with far different results. 

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