2005 Steelers 20 at Packers 10

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2005 Steelers 20 at Packers 10

The Steeler D bails out their injury-ravaged offense, turning 3 turnovers into 17 points highlighted by Troy Polamalu's electrifying 77-yd TD return of a Favre fumble. The Steelers are without Big Ben (knee) and Bettis (thigh), who are joined on the sideline in the 2nd half by Willie Parker (ankle). As a result, Charlie Batch makes his first start since 2001 when he was with Detroit, completing 9 of 16 for 65 yds and 1 INT. Polamalu's TD comes early in the 2nd quarter as Green Bay, trailing 6-3, is poised to take the lead at the Steeler 3. Consecutive false starts back up the Packers to the 12 and they go to an empty backfield on 3rd-and-goal. Big mistake. Polamalu comes on a safety blitz and hits Farve first, but Farve spins out of the tackle. Unfortunately for Favre, he spins right into a blitzing Bryant McFadden who drills him for an 11-yd sack and pops the ball out. Polamalu scoops up the loose ball and scrambles 77 yds untouched (aided by McFadden's huge block on TE Donald Lee) for a monster 10-point turnaround, giving the Steelers a 13-3 lead. For their part, Pittsburgh's offense finally gets into the end zone in the 4th quarter after Tyrone Carter picks off a ball that bounces off Donald Driver, setting up a short field at the Packer 20 with 8:11 left and Pittsburgh clinging to a 13-10 lead. Four plays later, Duce Staley (76 yds on 15 carries in his first action of the season) slips a tackle and trots in from 3 yds out to seal the victory. 

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