2005 Steelers 20 vs Patriots 23

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2005 Steelers 20 vs Patriots 23

In spite of an 85-yd TD catch by Ward and leading for most of the game, the Steelers ironically seal their fate by scoring too quickly after the Patriots take a 20-13 lead with 3:19 left. A 44-yd kick return by Ricardo Colclough sets Pittsburgh up with great field position and the Steelers take advantage by driving to the Patriot 4-yd line in 8 plays, aided by a huge 4th down PI call on Patriots (and former Steeler) cornerback Chad Scott. With 1:30 remaining, a 1st and goal and the Patriots out of time outs, the Steelers inexplicably throw on 1st down rather than running time off the clock. The good news? Ben hits Ward for the game-tying TD. The bad news? Brady gets the ball back with 81 ticks on the clock. We've seen this act before and everyone in Heinz Field knows how it ends. Brady dinks and dunks his way to the Steeler 25, Vinatieri trots on the field, a shudder runs though the crowd, and Vinatieri connects on the 43-yd game-winner with 1 second left. 
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What really bugs me about this game were the crucial mistakes made by Pittsburgh earlier in the game. We should have had 6 points at least in the 2nd Quarter. However, Randle El makes a bonehead play by trying to lateral after an already large gain that had us in FG range. Then the stupid penalty by the O-line after Reed successfully boots a FG and of course, he misses the next attempt. We score both those times we win by at least 3 points. Frustrating indeed. But that's football. Of course we won the SB afterall and the way it was done lessens the pain of losing this game that we should have won.

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