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09-27-2017, 08:59 AM

This Direct TV issue is short term.  None the less it could be significant.  I imagine if or as ratings continue to erode the advertisers/networks will look to cut their current agreements with the league.  Those are biggest bucks in the pot.  Empty seats are not nearly as damning in my view since a lot of the teams have season ticket sellouts but they will impact the image of the "shield" and push advertisers away.  The sale of league products, except perhaps, for AV jerseys seems to be falling along with tv viewership.

It's was hard for me to imagine how the commish, owners, management and players could manage to screw up a golden goose but it seems they are on their way to do so.  I guess "stupid is as stupid does" happens.  

I'm in America's corner along with the President.  Respect the flag and those who serve her.  Social justice takes a back seat to God and Country.  A football team is an almost insignificant element in those arenas.  The liberal media will do its best to cover the butts of the league and participants via slanted reporting.  Not unexpected in my view.  

I'm a bit saddened that one of my diversions is losing its luster but I'm never going to side with the social justice position.  It's ability to compete with God and Country and those who serve is just not logical.

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