2001 Steelers 15 at Browns 12 OT

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2001 Steelers 15 at Browns 12 OT

Cleveland jumps out to an early 9-0 lead after trapping Bettis in the end zone for a safety and taking advantage of the short field on their ensuing drive to score on a Tim Couch 12-yd TD pass. The Steelers move the ball well all day, outgaining Cleveland 428-187, but repeatedy squander scoring opportunities. In the first quarter, Stewart hits Burress with a perfect 25-yd TD strike in the end zone... but Burress drops it and the Steelers settle for 3. Just before the half, Stewart scrambles and throws a deep pass to Troy Edwards inside the Cleveland 10... but Edwards drops it. Late in the 3rd, Stewart hits Amos Zeroue on a 62-yd screen that looks like it will go for a sure TD... but Zeroue trips over his own feet and is downed at the 2 yd line. On the next play, Stewart rolls right, then scrambles left for and reaches toward the end zone for what appears to be a Pittsburgh TD... but upon further review, the ball is swatted out of Stewart's hand just before he crosses the goal line and bounces out of the end zone for a Cleveland touchback and no points for Pittsburgh. The Browns are unable to capitalize as Tim Couch is sacked 7 times in the 2nd half and a Kris Brown FG ties the game at 12 midway through the 4th. With 1:47 left in regulation, Kris Brown (who cost Pittsburgh the game vs. Baltimore with 4 misses the previous week) has a chance to win it but misses from 45 yds and the game goes to overtime. The Steelers take over at their own 28 in overtime and drive to the Cleveland 15 on 8 straight runs (7 by Bettis for 48 of his 163 rushing yds) and Kris Brown redeems himself with a 32-yd game winner. Includes postgame highlights and interviews. 

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