1997 AFC Playoffs Steelers 7 vs Patriots 6

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1997 AFC Playoffs Steelers 7 vs Patriots 6

The Steelers win a defensive battle that allows them to host their third AFC Championship Game of the decade. Rookie cornerback Chad Scott intercepts Drew Bledsoe on the third play of the game and Kordell Stewart sets a Steelers playoff record with a 40-yard touchdown run to give Pittsburgh all the points they need. Pittsburgh's special teams repeatedly pin New England in terrible field position and the Steelers force two New England turnovers late in the game when Mike Vrabel sacks Bledsoe and forces a fumble recovered by Jason Gildon, and Levon Kirkland intercepts Bledsoe at the Pittsburgh 20 to seal the victory. Lots of pregame and postgame material including features on Thigpen, Stewart, Kirkland and postgame wrap-ups.

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