1977 Steelers 28 vs Cowboys 13

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1977 Steelers 28 vs Cowboys 13

The 8-1 Cowboys capitalize on a Franco Harris fumble to take an early 6-0 lead, but Franco redeems himself immediately, making a great cutback & then turning on the afterburners for a 61 yard TD burst on the very next play! Harris goes on to dominate the game, grinding out 179 yards on 29 carries as the Steelers run almost exclusively (Bradshaw is playing with a cast on his broken left wrist) and physically punish Dallas' Doomsday defense. The Steel Curtain is all over Staubach, especially in the 2nd half, sacking him several times & forcing a pair of interceptions, including a pick returned to the Dallas 2 yard line to seal the game 28-13. Has complete halftime show (including a piece on Sadat's historic visit to Israel) and all commercials. Final 9 seconds of game missing (no biggee). 

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I'm a huge Cowboys fan that absolutely hated the Steelers when I was a kid. But one cannot hide from the facts. Dallas and Pittsburgh played 6 times in meaningful games from 1972-1982 and Pittsburgh won all but the '72 game. This game in '77 slams the door on any doubts or excuses a Cowboy fan like myself could come up with. This was arguably Tom Landry's best team, they went on to win the Super Bowl that year. Yet Pittsburgh, at less than full strength, beat them by double-digits. The Cowboys are my team but I'm not ashamed to admit that the Steelers of this era were the better team, probably the best team of all-time.
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In addition to the scores, highlights, and special news report Tim mentioned, halftime also featured the Pittsburgh-area finals of the 1977 Punt, Pass, and Kick competition.
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Dallas was 12-2 that season and went on to win the Super Bowl over Denver. Yet,the Steelers manhandled the Cowboy's. Franco's run was the highlight of the game.

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