1997 Steelers 26 at Cardinals 20 OT

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1997 Steelers 26 at Cardinals 20 OT

Joined in progress. Blitzburgh terrorizes rookie QB Jake Plummer, tying a team record with 10 sacks including 3 by Carnell Lake with 7 other players recording at least 1 sack. Meanwhile, Jerome Bettis (36 carries, 142 yds) rushes for 3 scores, including the 10-yard game-winner in overtime. Even so, it takes Nedney's missed 46-yard field goal with 6 seconds to play in regulation to save the Steelers. 
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Steelers secondary struggled mightily in this one. Rookie Plummer throws for 270 and a 119 passer rating and no turnovers. Rob Moore 8 catches for 188 yards!

Fortunately, old reliable carries 36 times including a late 4th quarter 4th and 1 from their own 34 yard line (a rare gutsy call from the Chin). The final blow comes at the 125:36 mark as Bettis TRUCKS unblocked MLB Eric Hill and strolls in for his 3rd TD of the game and ties an NFL record with his 2nd Overtime TD of the season. Bettis picked up 2 MVP votes in 1996 and 2 more in 1997 thanks to clutch runs like this.

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